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Introduction to Project Management

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Introduction to Project Management

Project Management is an art of managing all the phases of a project from inception to closure using an advanced and detailed process. The term project refers to any endeavor that is for a limited time being in nature and with a definite start an end date. The project must output must be unique whether it is a product, service or result and must be elaborated thoroughly. As per the definition, every task can be not be considered as a project. It would be worthy to stay this definition in mind once categorizing the ongoing projects and their role within the success of the organization. With the on top of definition of the project, one gets a transparent plan on what a project is.

Program Management is outlined as a department that centralizes the management of comes. What this suggests is that the PMO or the Project Management workplace could be a repository of all the outcomes that are being dead in a corporation. Program Management serves the Program in charge by providing him or her with regular standing updates concerning the progress of all the comes within the organization.

The PMO’s role is to confirm that the assignments are financially viable guided to highlight an alert whenever there’s a prospect or prevalence of a price overrun. The PMO conjointly keeps tab on the charge and alternative details that are involved with the project. Thus, the PMO’s perform is to superintend the assignment coming underneath its domain and act as a sort of observance agency for them. Within the current process, there’s a requirement for visionary leadership by the CIO’s additionally to the technical leadership. Technical leadership is an ability to identify trends within the technical area and leverage them for the success of the project. This involves choosing the right technology and being able to stay ahead of the curve with respect to new technologies.

Alternatively, Process leaders are required to stabilize the prices and effectively manage productivity along with stringing the integration processes. This is relevant within the context of the continued slump wherever the accent is on cutting prices and uplifting the bottom line. The role of a project manager is equivalent to that of a conductor in an exceedingly symphony. Individually each of the artists knows what has to be done for his or her role. But, there needs to be a person who has the overall “big picture” or the collective vision to make the performance a success. Similarly, the project manager drives the whole project team in pursuit of common goals.

The Project Manager’s role is to confirm that the general objectives of the project area unit achieved with the participation of every individual member. The project manager is just like the Prima woman and his or her acumen depends on however well he or she will leverage the strengths of the individual members whereas minimizing the impact of their weaknesses. Program managers take constant read however at a quite higher level. Their job is on the general bottom line for the division or the organization and that they drive the individual project managers. This is the same as that of a pyramid wherever the Process Head or the Program manager sits on the apex and therefore the project manager at consecutive level, project leads additional down and then on.

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