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VeriSM Foundation

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verism VeriSM Foundation

VeriSM Foundation includes a unique management mesh, the guidance for choosing the appropriate management practices to establish the product or service.

Generally, VeriSM Foundation focusses on the VeriSM model which emphasizes the focus on value, on outcomes and an organization’s goals.

It gives context to Service Management in the digital age and looks at how emerging technologies and progressive management practices can be applied to add value for the consumer.

VeriSM Foundation consist of following main Subjects,

The Service Organization

Service Culture

People and Organizational Structure

The VeriSM Model

Progressive Practices

Innovative Technologies

Getting Started


Individual Benefits

Helps an individual being part of a growing community.

Helps an individual being a sought after pioneer in delivering service management for the digital age.

Corporate Benefits

Helps driving internal engagement and making changes that matter to the customer

Helps delivering new product development and service management practices that put your business first

Helps in Implementing service management which adds value to your business, making you more valuable in the marketplace

Target Audience

IT Professionals

IT Service Owners

IT managers

IT directors



Course outline

The Service Organization

Service Culture

People and Organizational Structure

The VeriSM Model

Getting Started

Innovative Technologies

Progressive Practices

Course Duration

2 Days

Exam Information

65% marks required to pass

Closed book

40 Multiple Questions

Certification by



Completion of pre-class assignment

DevOps Foundation certification course

Course Takeaways

2 day of classroom session

Accredited study material

Live examples with informative case studies

Extraordinary training with excellence methodology

Instant exam with preliminary result

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