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Managing Successful Programme (MSP)

msp1 Managing Successful Programme (MSP)

MSP® – Management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance. It is the action which helps to carry out the coordinated organization, direction and implementation of the several projects and transformational activities to meet the outcomes of the organization.

MSP® tends to create a structural framework for every size of organizations from all sectors to improve practice, offer better service and more effectively prepare for future. MSP® will help in gaining an understanding and knowledge of processes and principles of the methods to act as a project manager.

Key capabilities of MSP

Enable Business Change

Optimize Customer Experience

Manage risk in line with business needs.

Show Value for Money

Support Business Outcomes

Continually Improve


Individual Benefits

Helps an individual in identifying and controlling risk.

Helps in setting up the complex programmes and managing them.

Helps an individual in demonstrating their level of knowledge and understanding the product and service through obtaining a globally recognised qualification

Organization Benefits

Covers key principles, governance themes and the processes needed to deliver change in an organization.

Helps through Combining the quality of rigour with the flexibility to respond to specific situations

Advises an employee on how to embed, review and apply MSP to achieve high-quality outcomes of its organization.

Target Audience

MSP Foundation is suitable for members of a Programme Office, business change team members, project delivery team members, as well as for any professional who needs to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning MSP. The certification is also valuable for those wishing to pursue higher level certifications (e.g. Programme Managers, Business Change Managers (BCMs) and Senior Responsible Owners (SROs)

Course outline

The MSP Foundation certification introduces the Managing Successful Programmes method and terminology. The purpose of the Foundation certification is to determine whether you know and understand the MSP guidance well enough to be able to work with a team involved in the management of a programme or act as an informed member of a programme office, business change team or project delivery team working within an environment supporting MSP.

The MSP Practitioner certification is aimed at project managers, business change managers (BCMs) and those working within a Programme Office or in a specialist or governance position within an organization. It demonstrates your ability to understand and apply the MSP principles, governance themes and transformational flow processes when managing a programme.

Course Duration

3 days

Exam Information


Multiple choice questions

75 questions per paper with one mark available per question

Five questions to be trial and not counted in scores

35 marks required to pass (out of 70 marks available) - 50%

60 minutes’ duration

Closed book.


Objective testing

Eight questions per paper, 80 marks available in total

40 marks required to pass - 50%

Open book (only the MSP Guide is allowed)

Two-and-a-half hours’ duration

Certification by






MSP Foundation

Course Takeaways

3 days of classroom session

Accredited study material

Live examples with informative case studies

Extraordinary training with excellence methodology

Instant exam with preliminary result

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